Solid Power. Large Impact.

The new Solids in 90 x 90 cm is more than an enlarged size. Compared to Solids 60 x 60 cm, the texture and shading is increased by 150%, to give the tile an enlarged lively and luxurious appearance. 

Solids in 90 x 90 cm

  • Suitable for high traffic areas, and larger spaces
  • Solid high-traffic quality
  • Individual texture and colour formation; each tile is unique
  • Lively shading for distinctive and luxurious appearance
  • Fewer grouts for better aesthetics and maintenance

Request your Solids information package including a true size 90 x 90 cm poster

Individual texture and colour formation

Each tile in the Mosa Solids series has been assigned its own texture. The variations in spray-dried granulates and fine and coarse flakes create a visual sense of depth. The tile can appear both raw and luxurious, although its actual physical finish is smooth. Just as in a natural environment, subtle differences in colour bring a rich variation to create a lively and dynamic surface.

vd Valk-Antwerpen-03_Square.jpg

High traffic and functionality

 Mosa Solids tiles are exceptionally wear and impact-resistant, making them extremely durable and functional. Tests have shown that even in heavy use over a long duration, the tiles remain durable in their grip.


Mosa offers a complete floor surface solution. A range of Solids accessories complements your design to create aesthetic and practical results.

Wether you need skirtings, stair treads or showerdrains, all are available in matching colour and modular size on request.

  • Skirtings in 90 x 9,5 cm
  • Showerdrains in 90 x 15 cm
Solids color overview_620px.jpg

Colours and texture

Solids 90 x 90 cm consists of six colours, which include from earthy shades such as vivid white, stone grey, clay grey, basalt grey and graphite black. Additionally, the range’s specially produced colour gradations and textures make the joints between tiles appear as discreet and minimal as possible, reading as one single and flawless ceramic floor skin.